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Currently, we have partners in 8 countries in the EU and are expanding into Africa and North America.
We work with a wide array of business organizations from exclusive distributors, resellers, retailers all the way to feed producers, fertilizer & soil supplement distributors to professional end users and others.


We are looking for like-minded organizations and companies who would like to distribute our products, use them in the production of feed mixes or specialty fertilizers, apply them for in-situ and ex-situ soil remediation and other purposes.


If you would like to know more about the B2B opportunities with HUMAC, please contact us.


Specialty retailers and suppliers

Our products for household pets or gardening are attractively packaged for retail sale on e-shops or store shelves at specialty retailers. Our products are sold in specialty garden centres and animal and pet supply shops who are knowledgeable in the products and services they provide. If you are a specialty retailer or supplier, our products will certainly add value to your retail establishment.

Wholesale distributors

If you are a regional wholesale distributor of fertlizers, soil amendments or feed materials to a wide array of resellers, our products are securely packaged and delivered for regional redistribution throughout your B2B customer network.

Feed producers

Our HUMAC Natur AFM product line is used by feed producers as an ingredient in compound feeds and premixes to detoxify feed, enhance the nutritional value of feed and generally improve the quality of produced feed which in turn promote animal health and productive parameters.

Animal husbandry establishments

Our HUMAC Natur AFM product line is used by professional establishments in poultry farming, dairy & beef cattle, pork farming as well as other specialty farming such as goat and sheep herding, rabbits and so forth. Our professional customers rely on our products to maintain quality production and minimize health disorders which impact farm profits and product quality.

Crop production

Whether you are an organic farm or a conventional farm, HUMAC Agro is regularly applied for a wide variety of crops. With our soil conditioner, you can expect to reduce your inputs such as fertilizer use and improve the quality parameters of your crops.

Environmental & remediation establishments

Forestry establishments have used our products in tree planting activities with noticeable improvements in germination and tree growth. For remediation, our soil conditioner is used for the stabilization of contaminated soils or soil washing.

Our Partners

HUMAC Supplements Ireland Ltd.

HUMAC Hungary Kft.

HUMAC Canada Resources Inc.

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Developing and manufacturing products
based on natural humic acids in the following areas

> Environment
> Animals
> Soil

Our products are currently sold in 9 countries across Europe, however we are expanding our reach to the African continent, North America, South America and Asia, as well as the middle east and Balkans.

There is plenty of work ahead of us, especially in translating research & development into practical applications in the field. Hence, some of our key activities focus on addressing various pressing ecological issues including the remediation of environments contaminated by heavy metals and other toxic substances, restoration of degraded soils, detoxification of animal feed and animals organisms and providing a real alternative to anti- biotics used in animal husbandry plus a host of other applications.

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For more information and possibilities for cooperation please reach out to our sales representative:


Mgr. Judita Smajdová
E: export@humac.sk


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