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A natural soil conditioner for sustainable and profitable crop production

For agriculture:

  • Improved soil fertility, crop quality and yields

  • More stable soil structure improves water retention capacity and soil aeration

  • Significantly better nutrient availability and management reduces the need for fertilizers by up to 50%

  • Stabilizes toxins in soils, significantly reducing their uptake by crops

  • Active in soils for up to 4 years



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Grow more with less by optimizing agriculture’s most valuable resource: soil

One of the most fundamental factors influencing soil fertility and the efficiency of agricultural production is the quantity and quality of organic matter in the soil. The decisive role is played mainly by its stable form, formed mainly by the so-called humic substances, especially humic acids. In agriculture, the application of humic acids is nothing new, as they are also present in many organic fertilizers such as manure, various types of compost and peat.

However, unlike most other fertilizers, HUMAC®Agro contains activated natural humic acids with a more complex structure and in greater concentration. When activating Leonardite, the raw material in all HUMAC® products, we use technology that preserves the natural structure and functionality of humic acids by completely avoiding conventional extraction methods using base chemicals. It is only through their non-solubility and activation that natural humic acids become the active component of the soil complex active for a period of up to 4 years with only one application.

Aside from maintaining soil fertility, there is a growing interest in the farming community to make agriculture more sustainable with a significantly reduced environmental footprint. This interest is also increasingly supported by governments in the EU and other areas of the world. For example, the EU’s farm to fork strategy includes visions such as the reduction of mineral fertilizer use by 20%, reduction of pesticides by 50%, increasing the percentage of arable land used for organic farming to 25% of the total and othe such measures. All these objectives have the goal of making agriculture more sustainable and reducing the environmental footprint while at the same time providing Europeans with healthy high quality food. HUMAC® Agro provides the opportunity for farmers to achieve their priorities and meet such objectives in an environmentally sustainable means. Trials have shown just some of the benefits of non-soluble natural humic acids contained in every package of HUMAC® Agro:


  • Long-term sustainable soil fertility and quality: Improves and maintains a stable soil structure which leads to better soil water management and aeration, significantly reduces nutrient leaching and improves availability of inaccessible nutrients, stimulates the activity of soil micro-organisms. All these factors significantly contribute to the revitalization of arable soils and their long-term sustainability.


  • Improved crop quality and yield: Plant immunity is significantly improved therefore crops are more resilient against abiotic stress factors during the growing season. The bioavailability of inorganic and organic toxins is significantly reduced while the availability of nutrients is improved. Yields are generally improved for al types of crops.


  • Optimize input efficacy: improved soil parameters such as reduced nutrient leaching, improved access to nutrients and better soil structure has shown that the use of mineral fertilizers can be reduced from 30 – 50% during the growing season. Additionally, HUMAC Agro is a viable replacement of manure fertilizers or it can significantly improve the parameters of manure fertilizers when used in combination.


HUMAC® Agro can be applied to all commonly grown staple and specialty crops (including ornamental greenery and lawns) except those that require significantly different soil pH compared to neutral (e.g. blueberries). Extensive trials have shown that a dosage of 200 - 500 kg / ha is more than sufficient to achieve the desired effects. 


Overview of trials using HUMAC® Agro
in the production of various crops and environmental applications:


-50% decrease in Cd

Higher starch content, more Mg and Zn, less heavy metals ...


-63,56% decrease in NO3

Improvements in carrots with over control group ...


-57% decrease in Pb

Improved qualitative parameters and less toxins ...


+13% increase in sweetness

Improved titracity, assimilated nitrogen, sweetness (NM°) ...


+9,9% increase in yield



+13,8% increase in yield


Sugar beets

+31% increase in root yield



+29% increase in yield



+4,3% increase in yield



+6,6% increase in yield


Milk Thistle



+16,1% increase in yield



-73,2% decrease in PCBs



Customer feedback

 Apricot orchard
"I have a smaller apricot orchard near Košice. Last autumn, I scattered HUMAC®Agro on it. I made a small error in the calculations, so I couldn't spread it all evenly. Inadvertently, I set up an experiment where at the beginning of the orchard, the dose was higher than I had planned, while in the middle the dose was smaller and near the end, I did not have any HUMAC left to spread. After particularly wet weather (part of the orchard was flooded with water for some time) and not the most optimal spring temperatures, during which the temperature dropped several times below -4 ° C at the time of budding, I noticed the first major tree attacks in the orchard due to apoplexy. To my surprise, however, the biggest tree attacks occurred in the area where HUMAC was not applied at all, resp. the least damage was in the area where I applied the highest dose of HUMAC. I know that apricots require adequate air in the soil. So I'm definitely ordering HUMAC again... "

Green peas
It is said that peas do not do very well in the greenhouse. Mine is 90 cm in places and is still growing. I used HUMAC Agro in combination with NPK. I am sending additional photos of pods, some of which are 10 cm tall. I had 2.5 kg of peas (unpeeled) from about two m2.


Well, I would like to say that about three weeks have passed since the application of Humac in our garden, and while it is first seen in such a short time: the raspberries that grow here are twice as big (more vital and beautiful in general) than the neighbors:D and they are divided into "our" and "neighbors" only by an ordinary wire fence ... we are very pleased :) It can't be a coincidence ... the same rainfall, even the sun shines on them equally... there’s got to be something about HUMAC :) Zuzana




5 & 10 kg PET buckets

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There is plenty of work ahead of us, especially in translating research & development into practical applications in the field. Hence, some of our key activities focus on addressing various pressing ecological issues including the remediation of environments contaminated by heavy metals and other toxic substances, restoration of degraded soils, detoxification of animal feed and animals organisms and providing a real alternative to anti- biotics used in animal husbandry plus a host of other applications.

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