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  • Improved feed conversion

  • Better hygienic conditions

  • Supports productive health and immunity

  • Improved qualitative parameters of animal products

  • Tested and proven in research and practice


The HUMAC® Natur AFM product line consists of natural feed materials made from Leonardite with a high content of humic acids produced without the use of any chemicals or additives. The product line offers broad-spectrum solutions to the many complex challenges faced by feed production and animal husbandry industries. Simply, the brownish-black powder can be used to make compound feeds or directly mixed with feed to achieve the scientifically proven effects of natural humic acids on the productive health of all animal species. Additionally, the entire production process is GMP+FSA certified guaranteeing the safety and quality of the feed material.


Feed producers: achieve feed safety & efficiency with HUMAC® Natur AFM.

  • Produce safe compound feeds with reduced risk of toxicity: Humic acids are natural organic polymers with a complex molecular structure abundant in numerous functional groups that enable them to interact with both inorganic and organic toxins and prevent them from being absorbed by the animal’s organism. For more info on the detoxification properties of natural humic acids and our specially formulated product, click here.
  • Produce more nutritious feed to meet the requirements of animal husbandry establishments: in addition to the wide spectrum of naturally occurring macro, micro nutrients and trace elements contained in HUMAC® products, humic acids stabilize microflora which are linked to improved feed efficiency (conversion) and have been shown to improve protein digestion as well.
  • Enhance the bioavailability of compound feed components such as minerals and trace elements: The structure of humic acids provides them with ion exchange and chelating properties which are responsible for making essential nutrients and elements more readily available to the organism.
  • Compatibility: natural humic acids are compatible with various types of feed components and offer a means to increase the value of produced feed.

Farmers: bring your herd closer to their genetic potential in a cost efficient and environmentally sustainable means with HUMAC® Natur AFM.

  • Improve and maintain the normal functioning of animals immunity, gastrointestinal and productive health: reduce the time and resources spent maintaining the productive health of your herd as a result of the scientifically proven benefits of natural humic acids on animal productive health and immunity.
  • Improve the qualitative parameters of animal products: numerous studies have shown (see below) that humic acids improve the quality of animal and dairy products from reduced somatic cell count in milk to reduced fat and increased protein in meats as well as a longer shelf life of meats.
  • Reduce the use of antimicrobial substances in animal husbandry: mounting pressure from the EU and other governing bodies around the world to reduce the use of antimicrobials poses a major challenge to maintaining productivity levels in animal husbandry. Humic acids have been shown to inhibit growth of pathogenic bacteria improving gut health and regulating inflammation.  
  • Reduce your environmental footprint  and add value to farm manure: natural humic acids in HUMAC® products are non-soluble, they pass through the gastrointestinal tract after 10 -12 hours consequently improving the qualitative parameters of farm manure by preventing nitrogen leaching, reduce emissions of other gases including methane, binding excreted toxins into stable compounds and increasing the humic acid content of manure thus producing a higher quality organic fertilizer with a reduced environmental footprint.    

Research and practice have shown that a dosage of 0,3% to 0,8% per kg of feed of HUMAC® Natur AFM is more than sufficient to achieve the results obtained from numerous scientific trials as well as by our loyal customers. Our products have been tested in more than 10 trials on various animal species. The results of these studies have been published in peer-reviewed journals. Below are summaries of select trials.

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Overview of trials using HUMAC® Natur AFM in animal husbandry:

Dairy Cattle

Lower somatic cell count, reduced mastitis...

Poultry – Broilers

Better growth performance and improved meat quality...

Broilers – Meat Quality

Reduced fat, higher protein, improved smell, taste and juiciness...

Laying Hens

Improved laying rate and feed conversion, higher egg mass...

Dairy Cattle

 Improved milk coagulation for better cheese production...


 Improved daily gains, reduced mortality...


Customer feedback



Improved quality and health
A small laying hens farm in the village of Lipany in Eastern Slovakia. A year ago, the owner decided to support the growth and nutrition of laying hens with HUMAC Natur AFM Liquid. Today, he describes his experience as follows: “Laying hens have more dense feathers, eggs have a firmer shell, feces do not smell as bad, hens are healthy. I highly recommend HUMAC Natur AFM Liquid to anyone who buys a laying hen from me. ”Thank you for your trust!


Cows, bulls, calves, poultry, sheep, pigs, even ostriches and dogs coexist on the farm in Dunajský Klatov in south western Slovakia. During our visit, we were accompanied by a very pleasant young girl Ivetka, very skillful for her age. HUMAC Natur AFM Liquid is given mainly to calves. In addition to reducing diarrhea, the quality of the meat is incomparably higher. No yellow coating or bruises, the liver is beautiful, the meat does not smell and is cleaner.

We talked for a long time about the fact that HUMAC is also beneficial for other animals, a lot of new information made the young farmer extremely pleased. For us it is always reciprocal, we also learn a lot from you!!! We are pleased with the satisfaction of farmers, we are pleased when they see the use of HUMAC. And this time it was not just about the immunity of the animals, but also about the quality of the animal products that go to our table.


Goasts - improved hygienic conditions

"So this is something new for us. This year we used HUMAC Welfare for the first time for the bedding for our goat stable. Due to the inaccessible terrain in winter and also to keep the animals warm over the winter, we do not change the litter during the winter months. As soon as the weather permits, we change the whole bedding, but to our surprise, it was not the same as in the previous years, it was not pure manure, it was more like dry soil mixed with straw, so we could use it as a fertilizer for the garden immediately. the smell in the shed was also significantly reduced, which was pleasant not only for us, but certainly also for the animals. " Iveta Vydúreková - Farm Turkov Vrch, SK

Horses - digestive problems solved 

"Older horses have less efficient digestion. Our Gelding Roko is 25 years old and used to have problems with digestion every winter, he was mainly bothered by diarrhea during the onset of freezing temperatures. Since we started to use HUMAC Natur, digestion problems went away. The introduction of this veterinary formula helped us greatly and now the horse seems satisfied. I recommend this product to every owner of a senior horse who suffers from digestive problems. " Veronica.


Diarrhea during transition season
A family farm at the footsteps of the Štiavnica hills, which is dedicated to the breeding of cows and the production of dairy products. Every spring, diarrhea was a recurring problem that appeared during the transition from a stable environment to free range herding.

Farmer Jozef Olšiak therefore decided to try HUMAC Natur AFM this year (2020) and according to him, it made perfect sense. "The cows tolerated the transition to fresh food much better, the diarrhea was milder, HUMAC worked on all but one, the animals accepted it without any problems."

Damaged hoof of our horse

Long-term rot of the horse's hoof, the cause of which is neglected care. Subsequently, inflammation and painful bleeding occur. The new owner of this noble animal decided to help the horse. After two months of using HUMAC® Natur AFM, the hoof was progressively healing and this 10-year-old mare could run happily again. "It was bad with her, we wanted to leave it to nature to decide, until we learned from a friend about HUMAC and tried it. We're glad she's fine. "







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There is plenty of work ahead of us, especially in translating research & development into practical applications in the field. Hence, some of our key activities focus on addressing various pressing ecological issues including the remediation of environments contaminated by heavy metals and other toxic substances, restoration of degraded soils, detoxification of animal feed and animals organisms and providing a real alternative to anti- biotics used in animal husbandry plus a host of other applications.

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