HUMAC® Natur AFM Liquid applicators


“Dual activation process for the 30ml applicator"

HUMAC® Natur AFM liquid applicators are highly effective for rapid relief of various gastro-intestinal disorders or acute poisoning. It is based on our HUMAC Natur AFM formulain liquid form provided in an easy to apply applicator.

What does it do?

- Supports the immune system, prevents metabolic disorders, reduces the occurrence of inflammation, reduces the occurrence of allergic reactions
- Provides intensive detoxification, binds microbial, fungal toxins and other toxins during acute poisoning
- Effective in the prevention and treatment of diarrhea
- Optimizes digestion, stabilizes pH in the digestive tract, positively influences the activity of intestinal microflora, stimulates the production and activity of enzymes in the pancreas and intestines


When is its application recommended?

- For weakened animals, during unspecified health problems, for sick animals, rapid relief of the organism during poisoning by external substances and consumed contaminated feed
- As a supplement during suspected poisoning (triple dosage applied immediately)
- In case of loss of appetite by the animal
- During veterinary treatment after consultation with a veterinarian, to be applied minimum two hours after medication
- In case of diarrhea, 2-3 times the recommended daily dosage for a period of 5 days
-As a substitute for HUMAC Natur AFM powder


Product composition

Natural humic acids in liquid: min. 15%, natural humic acids in dry matter: min. 40%

Fulvic acids: max. 5%; Ca: 1200 mg/l; Mg: 55 mg/l; Fe: 260 mg/l; Cu: 1.70 mg/l; Mn: 1.97 mg/l; Se: 0.77 mg/l; Zn: 2.65 mg/l; Mo: 0.295 mg/l; Na: 10050 mg/l, and all naturally occurring macro, micro and trace elements in amounts of mg/kg in organic carboxymethyl cellulose complex. All natural amino acids in amount of 17 x < 50 mg / kg. Humidity content: max. 70%; pH: 8.0 – 8.3; Particle size: 0 – 100 mm.


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