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What is it?

HUMAC® Agro is a natural soil conditioner with high content of humic acids made from activated Leonardite, a 100% active natural substance. The product is applied to soil or substrates during fertilization to enhance various chemical, physical, and biological processes which in turn improve soil fertility and soil properties. Humic acids are the primary energy source for biological processes and have properties of physiologically active substances regulating plant growth and development. No chemical additives were used during the manufacturing process. product is certified for use in organic agriculture. As of 2020, the product is Kosher certified for producing Kosher approved crops.


Natural soil conditioner with high content of humic acids (min. 62%)



Declared product composition:

»  Content of humic acids: min. 62% in dry matter
»  Moisture content: max. 20%
»  pH level (1% water suspension): 6.5
»  Contains all naturally occurring macro, micro and trace elements chelated to natural amino acids



What does it do?


  • Improves soil structure – creates stable soil aggregates by bonding sand, silt and clay particles, improves soil aeration and water management, as well as it significantly reduces the risk of of water erosion
  • Retains water in the soil – improves infiltration into soil and its water retention capacity; increases the volume of water available for plant uptake
  • Soil detoxifier - immobilizes toxic metals, PCBs, dioxins and other toxins in the soil limiting their bioavailability and/or assisting in their biodegradation
  • Adds macro, micro-nutrients and trace elements to the soil linked to natural amino acids in chelated form making them readily available for plant uptake
  • Improves conditions for the development of soil bacteria, microorganisms and increases the rate of decomposition of organic compounds, substrates, unused nutrients in the soil making them available for plant uptake
  • Significantly increase the growth of a plants root system (30 – 50%). A larger root system increases the plant's drought resistance and increases nutrient uptake for faster growth
  • Significantly reduces the leaching of nutrients from soil (N, P, K, Ca, Mg and other mineral trace elements) optimizing fertilizer efficiency
  • Increases soil humus content, supplies organic carbon to soil (50% of its volume)
  • Increases plant's tolerance to biotic and abiotic stress factors such as fungal diseases or drought, salinity and extreme temperatures


How do I use it ?

HUMAC Agro is supplied as a powder of 0,00 – 0,40 mm in the 5 & 10 kg buckets for easy application by ladle, cup or hand.  25 kg bags and big bags come in 8mm granules to be used by broadcast spreaders for even application with minimal dust. Big bags can be supplied in both powder or granules.


HUMAC® Agro is available in 5 & 10 kg buckets, 25 kg PE bags and 500 & 1000 kg big bags.

Units per pallet:


Within EU

Outside EU

HUMAC Agro 25 kg PE bag

40 pcs.

50 pcs.

HUMAC Agro 10 kg PET bucket

24 pcs.

36 pcs.

HUMAC Agro 5 kg PET bucket

54 pcs.

72 pcs.

500 kg big bag

2 pcs.

2 pcs.

1000 kg big bag

1 pc.

1 pc.


5 & 10 kg PET buckets

25 kg PE Bag

500 & 1000 kg big bag

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